Family And Cosmetic Dentistry

Family and Cosmetic Dentistry


We would like to welcome you to our office and would sincerely appreciate an opportunity to earn your trust by letting us take care of your dental needs.
At Mona Lisa Dental our practice revolves around you, our patients.
Your needs come first. You become a part of our extended family and you deserve the best that dentistry has to offer.
We desire for our patients to become active partners in achieving optimum dental health. We believe in educating our patients and giving them choices and the means to decide which choices are best for their needs.
Family Dentistry
Mona Lisa Dental is a full service dental office for the entire family including children.
We provide preventive dentistry and our goal is to educate and provide routine checkups and cleanings to achieve and maintain optimum dental health. Our restorative dental services aim to restore the mouth back to opitmum health.
We remove decay and provide fillings.
We provide replacement teeth with crowns, bridges, dentures and partials and implants.
When necessary we provide treatment for gum disease, perform root canals and extract teeth and remove wisdom teeth.
Because we offer these services we minimize the need for referrals to outside specialists.
Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic dentistry is an extension of comprehensive preventive and restorative dentistry which allows us to focus on improving the appearance of our teeth and can involve teeth whitening, composite or white fillings, porcelain veneers, clear braces, implants and crowns.



Dental Exam

Regular dental exams or checkups are the best way to make sure your gums and teeth stay healthy. Dental exams should be done every 6 months to allow your dentist to diagnose any problems which may be developing in the early stages and allow preventive action to be taken before the problems become more severe.
Even people who are diligent about brushing and flossing still need regular care from a dental professional because no matter how carefully you take care of your teeth and gums, or how carefully you look for signs of problems, there are a number of oral health conditions that only your dentist can see.
During the exam your dentist will look for anything unusual in your mouth, throat and neck, including the oral manifestations of diseases, oral cancer, infections, eroded fillings and dental decay. Attention to existing dental work will be given to look for deterioration in fillings, crowns and other restorations. A full set of dental X-rays will also be taken during your dental exam, to enable your dentist to see below the surfaces of your teeth and the exam will include a periodontal exam to look for signs of gum disease. Dental exams typically end with a dental cleaning, to remove surface stains and buildup.
Timely treatment can reduce the need for more expensive and time consuming treatments and in the case of oral cancer it can save your life. Regular checkups and cleanings every 6 months with your dentist can help to keep your teeth healthy and trouble free.

Dental X-Rays

Todays dental X-rays are safer, faster, more comfortable and more informative than the X-rays of years past. Our digital X-rays produce high-quality images of your teeth that can be viewed instantly by you and your dentist on our computer monitor.

Digital X-rays reduce radiation by up to 90% and provide exceptional diagnostic information to ensure that ential problems are caught in their earliest stages.

Our intraoral camera allows us to show you problems such as cavities, fractures and discolorations in the teeth through clear and sharp photographic images. 

White Fillings

A composite restoration is the correct technical term for white fillings or bonding as some people call them. Composite restorations are tooth-colored fillings that match the color of your teeth. Some people call them bonding because they utilize a bonding agent to get them to adhere to the teeth. The main advantages of composites are aesthetics since the composite filling material’s color can be matched to be nearly identical to that of the actual tooth and because composites bond to the tooth they give support to the remaining tooth structure, which helps to prevent breakage and insulates the tooth from excessive temperature changes.